Public API for CoinGecko

This page about special Public API REST endpoints for coloborate with some services. Official Public API are available as RESTful service located at and as WebSocket Json/Rpc Server located at wss:// You can find official public API documentation here.

Current version & status: 0.12.x in public beta test. All features is LTS (Long Term Support) but you can find some bugs.


Pairs - no params.

Provides a summary on cryptoasset trading pairs (markets) available on the exchange.

Tickers - no params.

Provides 24-hour pricing and volume information on each market pair available on an exchange.

required param: ticker_id - market name from Pairs or Tickers endpoints.
param: depth (integer) - recommended param for set depth quantity. 0 returns full depth. Depth = 100 means 50 for each bid/ask side.

required params:

  • ticker_id - market name from Pairs or Tickers endpoints.
  • type - indicate nature of trade "buy/sell"
recommended params:
  • limit (integer) - number of historical trades to retrieve from time of query. 0 returns full history.
  • start_time (unsigned integer) - start time from which to query historical trades from (unixtime).
  • end_time (unsigned integer) - end time for historical trades query.