1. LEN - The unique mechanism that allows to collect and unite buy and sell orders from dozens of exchanges (1,2,…,n) all over the world through API, and form united LOB. The technology consists of 3 main services:
    • Information gatherer;
    • Automatic trading system (provides hedge for clients’ positions through “outer” exchanges);
    • Automatic allocation and account system (ensures positive balance on “outer” exchanges, taking into account profitability as additional control tool of automatic trading system).
  2. LEN to DEX & De-Fi Bridge - technology for connect Decentralized EXchanges & DecintralizedFinance to LEN.
  3. Liqvidity Provider Gateway - Special manager software & connectors from most popular crypto engines to our PrivateAPI for providing crypto liquidity as a service.
  4. Backend of LIQNET – private cloud that consists of physical servers, which is spread out several locations, and client terminals (currently, there is one trading terminal for web-browser). The backend has been passed longtime and scrutinous testing of security.
  5. Cryptocurrencies storage and account system consists of:
    • Cryptocurrencies storage system (geographically distributed array containing hot, pseudo-hot and cold wallets and also multisign addresses for each cryptocurrencies);
    • Background clearing system (checks states of current trading and deposit-withdraw operations balances for each time span);
    • System of storage cryptocurrencies outside LEN Fund Manager (takes into account working capital distributed along cryptocurrencies exchanges allows to transfer cryptocurrencies between outer exchanges and our platform);
    • System of working capital accounting, earned commissions accounting, storage venues management, limits for transfers.
  1. Professional interface - we developed unique professional web trading terminal especially for cryptocurrencies.
  2. Professional trading platform - Our trading platform is professional and provides all classic and advanced tools in any terminal:
    • You can simply trade small volume for the best price;
    • Buy or sell when its price increases past a particular point;
    • Order will be executed at a particular price, or better, after a given stop price has been;
    • Use our interface to set up take profit and stop loss levels;
    • Valid till [day/time], AON, IOC, FOK, iceberg settings.
  3. We have developed our platform specifically for cryptocurrency trading, it is based on cutting-edge matching engine:
    • Easy direct trading from financial chart;
    • There are all opportunities for scalping: post limit & stop orders right from order book;
    • We propose all popular styles of charts + professional tools for Technical Analysis;
    • There are wide set of items to be customized: from express trading panel to 100+ Technical Indicators.
  4. Support. Facing a problem? Need advice on implementation or workflows? We're always here for you, in person. Just hit us up any time and expect a prompt, courteous and helpful response. We'll do our best to help even if the problem lies somewhere on your system. We're here to help you get the job done and ensure smooth operation between systems, around the clock.