Public API for CryptoCompare

This page about special Public API REST endpoints for coloborate with some services. Official Public API are available as RESTful service located at and as WebSocket Json/Rpc Server located at wss:// You can find official public API documentation here.

Current version & status: 0.12.x in public beta test. All features is LTS (Long Term Support) but you can find some bugs.


GetMarketSummaries - no params. - backward compability.

Get the last 24 hour summary of all active markets.

Products - no params. - backward compability.

Get all markets titles.

GetTrades param: pair - marketTitle from Products. Optional params: int fromId = 0, limit = 100.

Return historical trades executed. Trades returned in ascending order. Option available to query historical trades based on tradeID, default is to return latest 100 trades. - backward compability.

Version history:

  • 1.1 - fixed index field for GetTrades (unique value).
  • 1.0 - first version for integration.