LIQNET – is a cryptoexchange that aggregates liquidity from various platforms thus solving the problem of the splitting of users and their trading orders by forming a unified order book with the best market depth and prices.

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Is the degree to which an asset can be quickly bought or sold on the market without significant changes in the price of the asset.

  • Investments

    The higher the liquidity, the higher the investment attractiveness of an instrument.

  • No Slippage

    High liquidity allows to reduce or fully eliminate costs of slippage.

  • Reducing costs

    High market liquidity and low spread lead to lower trading costs.

  • Trust

    High liquidity is created by masses of people, whose actions are much easier to predict than the actions of one person.


  • The best practice https

    We use best practices and industrial technologies to protect our clients.

  • Decentralization switch_camera

    Our physical equipment is located in two different data centers (France and Canada). A private cloud is deployed in each data center.

  • Background clearing done_all

    This is a service for checking all internal calculations, trades, deposits and withdrawals. It prevents anomalies for safety purposes. It works as a background service for round-the-clock and uninterrupted trade.

  • Financial distribution attach_money

    Customer funds are stored separately in different locations (hot, cold and multi-signature wallets, as well as other crypto-currency exchanges). Therefore, they cannot be stolen completely or lost immediately.

  • The professional trading platform

    We have developed our platform specifically for crypto-currency trading. It is based on an industrial trading engine.

    • Direct Trade touch_app

      You can trade directly from the chart.

    • Scalping settings_applications

      There are all possibilities for scalping: post limit & stop orders directly from the order book.

    • Financial Chart trending_up

      We offer all popular chart styles + professional tools for technical analysis.

    • Extensive customization options thumb_up

      There is a wide range of customization elements: from themes to 100+ technical indicators.

Order types

  • Market

    You can simply trade small volume for the best price.

  • Stop order

    Trading after reaching the price you need.

  • Stop limit

    Pending action after price reaches fixed level.

  • TP & SL

    Use our interface to set up take profit and stop loss levels.

  • Trailing stop

    orders are used to maximize and protect profit as a stock's price rises and limit losses when its price falls.

  • And much more

    Iceberg, IFD, OCO, IFDOCO orders. Valid till [day/time], AON, IOC, FOK settings.